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Axle pendant

Product: pendant lamp
Year: 2021
Client: Available for market

Rio collection 


Product: sideboard, lowboard, cabinet
Year: 2022
Client: Artisan

The Rio collection combines the natural texture of solid wood with elegant organic details. The typical bulky volume of a storage object disappears by adding subtle curves. The honest and durable solid material, in combination with a refined and elegant design, makes it a timeless and high end collection that radiates tranquility to its surroundings. 


Italic cabinet


Product: cabinet
Year: 2023
Client: Umage

The Italic cabinet, is a functional yet elegant storage unit characterized by subtle rounded corner elements, which form the foundation of the structure. It is a flatpack cabinet that doesn't compromise on aesthetics. Thanks to its functional yet elegant design, the Italic cabinet seamlessly integrates into various interior styles, making it a versatile choice for any space.